Adding Value to Your Home Through Redesign

Marianne Cusato wrote the book on Getting Your House Right (literally!) She’s also an expert on obtaining value through design. REdesign asked her how to get the most value from home improvement:

1. Connect to the outdoors
Very often we live in homes that are isolated from the outdoors. Consider adding side windows for cross ventilation and/or French doors to encourage more access to your garden or patio. Connecting to the outdoors will make you house live larger.
2. Define outdoor rooms
Add landscaping, porches or pergolas that will create outdoor rooms. Give yourself places to go outside that are private as well as open. Connecting defined outdoor spaces into your house will add value to your home.
3. Use the space you have
Whether it’s a newly defined garden (see #2), or your closets – use the space you have. Build shelves into closets to maximize the air space above hang rods. Use two-in-one ovens under the range, rather than wall ovens that take up twice the space. Prevent messy piles of clothes, towels, bags and toys by adding hooks on the backs of and behind doors.
4. Put your budget where you can touch and feel it
Replace hollow core doors with solid doors. Replace cheap door knobs with nicer nickel finish or chrome. Replace vinyl siding with James Hardie fiber-cement siding – it will feel more solid to the touch. Value does not come from the added gables or cathedral ceilings that you only look at. It comes from the elements that you can directly engage with – the elements you can touch and feel.

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