Trex Outperforms Wood

Trex offers high-performance composite deck boards engineered to resist fading, scratches and stains, and eliminate time-consuming maintenance so you’ll never step foot in the stain aisle again.

Traditional wood decks can be beautiful, but they don’t stay that way for very long, requiring extensive upkeep to maintain their looks and safe qualities. Trex® composite decking, on the other hand, was designed to mimic the beauty of wood decking but without all of the maintenance hassles. Trex offers high-performance, eco-friendly composite decking that can withstand years of sun, sleet and snow, keeping its rich color and durability for decades.

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The hassles that come with wood

When you examine all the benefits that Trex® composite decking has to offer, a wood deck begins to feel like signing up for a second job. Unlike wood decks with all their maintenance requirements, Trex composite decking has superior durability, aesthetics, and requires very little maintenance. Factor in material consistency, long-lasting performance, and low-cost options on par with traditional wood, and composite decking has never been more appealing. Let’s review why Trex composites leave wood in the dust.

Needs seasonal painting, staining or sealing

Becomes a safety hazard when it rots, splits and splinters

Fades and stains easily, showing every spill and scuff

Insects can cause extensive structural damage

Contributes to deforestation, cutting down trees that local wildlife depend on for food and shelter

Deck samples for inspiration

Here area few completed projects for some style inspiration

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