Beverly, MA

This unusual home is nestled within trees. Lovely for shade, but hard on siding, roofs and shingles. This home had a lot of damage caused by the environment.

Debris from trees get caught in gutters and stuck in roof slopes, the problems that arise are related to moisture. Pine straw and needles can clog gutters when left unattended. A home’s gutters allow water to escape your roof, pine straw allows the moisture to remain on top of a home. Whether blocking gutters or clumping in wet patches on the roof, this moisture will rot shingles over time. and may also wedge underneath shingles and other roofing, which allows a space for water to enter.

James Hardie HardiePlank in Timberbark gives that wooden natural look without the high maintenance of actual wood. This will help keep this home gorgeous for years to come.

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