Wilmington, MA

This house was covered in masonite siding in the late 80’s with a brick front.
There was no clearance along the roofline so water damage to the siding occured. The rear of the house had various areas where water damage as well.

The siding along the back deck was installed directly on the deck, which caused damage to the siding. Some other external issues were woodpeckers, which loved the masonite siding. While removing the siding around the garage, we noticed that carpenter ants set up a large colony and the gutters were not installed correctly causing water damage to the siding.

We started by installing Hardiewrap weather barrier on the side of the house.
We included a PVC watertable to maintain a 6 ” clearance around the garage. The installation of insulation and flashing along the brick front and siding will provide extra water protection for the home. New 6 1/4″ Select Cedarmill HardiePlank siding in Monterey Taupe and HardieTrim and soffit were installed in arctic white. The garage side was restored with new Hardieplank siding and trim. The homeowner also was able to reuse their existing shutters by pressure washing them and putting on a new coat of paint.

The homeowners wanted to fix their house to put it on the market, but are now considering staying!

James Hardie Building products used:

[anps_list class=””][list_item]6 1/4″ Select Cedarmill HardiePlank siding in Monterey Taupe[/list_item][list_item]HardieTrim in Arctic White[/list_item][list_item]Hardiesoffit in Arctic white[/list_item][/anps_list]